Ashley uses her old breast milk containers for easy liquid transportation. 

There two things you should know (or already do) about parenting: it's messy and it's expensive. As parents, we do everything we can to save and reuse things until they disintegrate...or maybe that's just me.

So, to help other parents and future parents, we've put together a list of parenting hacks that could save you some serious money.

1. Take a note from Ashley's book - reuse the breast milk containers for easy transportation of things like coffee creamer. It could also work for things like salad dressing.

2. Do you make your own baby food? Save the food processor for future smoothies and milkshakes.

3. Once you have a baby, you'll never have to buy makeup wipes again! Baby wipes are gentle and effective for removing makeup.

4. If your fiance is anything like mine, he's always working on projects. We recently used an old baby bottle as an oil measuring cup when we realized we didn't have one. It measures in oz, so it's great for situations like that...or even cooking!

5. Is your kid finally out of a stroller? That doesn't mean you have to sell it. Use is as a luggage caddy! This really comes in handy when taking things to and from hotel rooms or walking around places on vacation.

6. This is just for fun - but you might never have to buy another toy again! Turns out, kids love the boxes and miscellaneous parts more than they enjoy playing with the actual toy. Give a kid a water bottle, a remote, and a box and I promise they'll be entertained for hours!

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