If social media and modern television have taught us nothing else, the world loves cats. So, in this weird time of social distancing and anxieties over what's going to happen next, I thought sharing some adorable kitties might make for an excellent mental distraction. Here are 5 super paw-some cats to follow on Instagram right meow!

@SterlingSilverCat is a Silver Siberian Forest Cat locate in San Diego, California. Sterling definitely ranks high on our list of favorite #AdventureCats.


@Sev_TheRagdoll is a male Seal Point Ragdoll who is living out his 9 lives in the Netherlands.


@Spynx_Dante while not everyone can appreciate the beauty of a "Naked Cat," we think this guy is quite handsome, even if he does frown a lot.


@Wolf_The_Catventurer is another #AdventureCat. She is a Canadian Rescue kitty that hikes & kayaks with her hoomans.


@Witeksylwester appears to be a Bengal and is absolutely beautiful!



@JupiterJackAdventureCat is my own kitty's instagram. Feel free to check him out too. Jupiter Jack is a rescued Maine Coon mix and he is a big ball of floof!

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