Fans of quick Asian cuisine rejoice! It appears Evansville is getting it's own franchise of the wildly popular national chain, Panda Express.

Evansville 411, a local Facebook page dedicated to reporting commercial and residential development news, was the first to report the location, saying paperwork had been filed with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) to build on the property in front of Menards on North Green River Road.

I searched the Project Activity page of the IDHS's website to try and find the permits, but came up empty. However, it's entirely possible I was looking in the wrong spot. I've never known Evansville 411 to be wrong before, so I trust they have their facts straight here as well.

Personally, I've only been to Panda Express twice. My family and I first experienced it during a summer trip to Florida a year or so ago, and my 10-year-old daughter fell in love with it (she's a big fan of Asian food). More recently, she and I stopped by the location in Terre Haute after she competed in a swim meet a few months ago. When I showed her the post from Evansville 411, her face lit up. She'd eat it for every meal if we let her.

There is no word on when the restaurant is set to open.


Our friends at Evansville 411 have passed along a screen capture of the official paperwork from the IDHS project website.

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