Even though video games have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, there's still something about dusting off an old game like the original Super Mario Brothers and giving it a spin, even though it can apparently be conquered in five minutes if you do it right. What's even cooler is when someone takes a classic character and gives them a modern spin, like this updated version of the aforementioned princess saving adventure.

Like a good cover song, in order to successfully give an iconic character (or in this case, game) a new millennium makeover, you have to include your own personal take while still sticking to the original work. The company Blumasters have done just that by taking the original 2-D concept and giving it some depth. For example, the hovering blocks that are synonymous with the Mario Brothers franchise cast shadows and the large green pipes have actual curvature to them opposed to the original flat look of the original.

They even added what I imagine would be a more realistic representation of what would happen if a plumber who just ate a mushroom that turns him into a giant were to squash some kind of mutant mushroom-type thing. Basically, it would leave a bit of a mess.

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