When I first saw this photo that my friend posted on Facebook, I was immediately alarmed. I thought this was a photo of a monkey in their backyard  I grabbed my phone and started to text her. But then I looked a little closer to the photo.

Since I always quickly scroll through my Facebook newsfeed and rarely read a status, (by the way, I'm sorry I'm not reading your status, I really like your photos, in fact, I love them!) I had no idea what was really going on. On closer examination, I realized this wasn't a monkey at all, but her dog Koda. Her dog was just sniffing around the backyard with his tail in the air, not a monkey looking toward the her house.

Koda/Crystal Hebner/Facebook
Koda/Crystal Hebner/Facebook

OMG, I'm embarrassed. How crazy is that? Sometimes I wonder about myself. I'm so glad I didn't send that text. LOL

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It reminds me of the viral photo of the man, running in the snow with a backpack on his back, into the woods. It blew my mind to see that it wasn't that all. Did you see what I saw or did you see a dog? Even now, since my eyes saw a man first, I really have to focus to see a dog running OUT of the woods.

Crystal Hebner/Facebook
Terri Babers/YouTube

Both of these optical illusions remind me of so many other internet debates about what each of us sees when we look at a photo. Remember the dress color debate? We all disagreed over whether the dress pictured was colored black and blue, or white and gold. Or, how about the shoe color debate? Where the shoes pink and white or teal and grey? 

Share this photo of the Newburgh monkey/dog and see what your friends think.

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