Just when we thought One Direction couldn’t get any more adorable, the British-Irish boy band stopped by 'Sesame Street' and brought it to a whole new level.

Members Liam Payne and Harry Styles joined Bert on the long-running children's show to get in on a little ABC action. The singers put their voices to good use to recite the Alphabet with the famed puppet. What young Directioner won’t remember his or her ABCs when sung by these two idols? (Just like they probably haven't forgotten what makes 'U' useful, thanks to the 1D boys' first 'Sesame Street' vid.)

Liam might need a refresher on the alphabet rhyme for next time, though — he stumbles a little bit at the end, singing the wrong words, but Bert and his bandmate have got him covered.

Speaking of Harry, we think he might be enjoying being on 'Sesame Street' more than the kids will even enjoy watching him. He’s so involved in interacting with the puppet that he doesn’t look up from Bert’s fuzzy face even once. Maybe after One Direction retire, Harry will have a future as a 'Sesame Street' actor!

Check out the precious video of Liam and Harry singing the alphabet up above!

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