Recently, I had a mind-blowing revelation that left me questioning my entire existence.

I was today years old when I learned Cookie Monster's real name and the shocking truth about his cookie consumption on Sesame Street. Prepare to have your childhood shattered.

Wyldwood via YouTube
Wyldwood via YouTube

Wait, what's Cookie Monster's real name?

I stumbled upon a jaw-dropping revelation that left me in awe. Brace yourselves, for I have unearthed the secret that lies within Cookie Monster's true identity. Are you ready?

Cookie Monster's real first name is not even Cookie, but Sid! Yes, you heard it right. Behind that googly-eyed, cookie-craving exterior lies the moniker of Sid.

It's as if the very fabric of reality has been torn apart. How could our beloved blue friend be known as anything other than Cookie Monster? Sid may be his real name, but in our hearts, he will forever be the ultimate connoisseur of cookies.

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I've always known Cookie Monster as the lovable blue creature with an insatiable appetite for cookies. But little did I know that those scrumptious treats he devours aren't actually cookies at all!

Hold on a second, those aren't real cookies he eats?

They are deceitful rice cakes cunningly disguised as cookies. Yes, you heard me right. Rice cakes!

I can already hear your gasps of disbelief. How could they do this to us? How could they take away the one thing that defined Cookie Monster's very essence? It's like finding out Big Bird is actually a small pigeon. The world feels upside down.

Sesame Street via YouTube
Sesame Street via YouTube

Mashed share this factoid which comes from David Borgenicht's book, "Sesame Street Unpaved," and this shocking deception is due to two reasons. First, real cookies with their chocolate and oil would wreak havoc on the delicate fabric of the Muppets.

Can you imagine the horror of trying to remove melted chocolate and crumbs from their furry exteriors? It's a cleaning nightmare.

What's the reasoning behind using "rice cookies" instead of real cookies?

Second, the lightweight nature of the rice cakes prevents mishaps during filming. The cleverly designed "rice cookies" pass right through Cookie Monster's mouth and land safely on the head of his puppeteer.

Imagine the chaos if real cookies were involved! Flying chocolate chips, crumbs cascading down, and a puppeteer with an ever-growing cookie mountain on their head. It's a recipe for disaster.

So, while we may mourn the loss of genuine cookies in Cookie Monster's diet, we must also appreciate the sacrifice made to preserve the integrity of the Muppets. It's a noble cause, even if it means depriving our beloved monster of his true culinary desires.

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