Size matters.

That's certainly true in the case of this outrageously large pumpkin, which has been recognized as the heaviest in North America and will jump-start your autumn.

The gourd clocked in at more than 2,000 pounds last weekend at the Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Festival in Cedarburg, Wisc.

Gene McMullen is the fella responsible for the pumpkin. He has a real knack for growing huge gourds, too, because this year's record-setter topped his old mark of 1,600 pounds from last year.

So, what's his secret? Well, the secret is...there is no secret. McMullen says he's "Lucky. Dumb luck....I don't do anything different than any other growers do."

Well, whatever it is he's doing, he ought to keep on doing it because it's working.

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