Video games have taken the next step in their evolution by taking gaming into the world of VIRTUAL REALITY! So I decided to see if the tech actually lives up to all the hype and from the moment I put on the VR googles, I was absolutely blown away!

The first game that I tried was called the VR PLAYROOM. The closest I can compare it to is the scene from MATRIX where Neo and Morpheus first enter the construct program and the floor drops away and they're floating high above the city then suddenly drop down and land on the roof of a skyscraper and Neo asks Morpheus "Is this real?". With the earbuds on, your senses are completely fooled by the graphics and you think you're floating in mid air! It got so intense that I had to sit down just to remind myself that I wasn't really falling!

I then play a game called the LONDON HEIST. In it you play a guy whose been double crossed by gangsters and he has to figure out which one betrayed him and stole a priceless diamond!. One guy actually flicked a lit cigarette at me and I instinctively ducked because it seemed so real.

Check out the video of my experience playing LONDON HEIST on the PS4 VR and prepare yourself for the next level in gaming!

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