Ready Player One is combination of the Matrix meets Hunger Games meets Willy Wonka meets EVERY video game ever made with a little bit of SURROGATE thrown in! It was a glimpse into the not-so-distant future when Virtual Reality becomes a part of our everyday lives, and Big Business has found a way to exploit it.

Being a big fan of the Virtual Reality genre myself, it wasn't that hard to let my imagination run wild along with the movie. Its stars Tye Sheridan as 'Wade', a VR gaming youth trying to win the secret 'easter egg' hidden inside the VR Gaming World called 'OASIS'. But the Corporate Heads of 'IOI' (pronounced Eye-oh-eye) are out to stop Wade by any means necessary!

The movie jumps in and out of the real and virtual worlds with many of my favorite video game AND movie characters make sporadic appearances throughout. One of the best scenes in the film was the epic battle between the IRON GIANT and MECHA-GODZILLA! Absolutely incredible!

Even if you've never played, don't know anyone that plays, or have never SEEN a video game before, READY PLAYER ONE is STILL a good movie to see. Check out the official trailer below.


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