Finally got a chance to check out DEN Of THIEVES starring Gerard Butler, O'shea Jackson, Jr., and 50 Cent and it was definitely worth the wait! Den of Thieves is an action packed heist film about a group of ex-military, bank robbers who decide to rob a bank that has NEVER been robbed before.

When 50 and O'shea along with a few other members, mistakenly shoot an armored car officer during a heist, they find themselves pitted against Gerard Butler and his No-nonsense, take-no-prisoners group of Sheriffs who are part of the Major Crimes unit.

Each group runs their own form of counter-surveillance on the other before a final showdown at the Federal Depository. And just when you think you know who the bad guys are, thing take a strange turn to reveal who the mastermind REALLY is!

Never a dull moment and definitely worth watching! Check out the Official Trailer below!

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