If you're thinking about getting married you should probably check out Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY before you do. ACRIMONY is a definitely a movie about when everything before, during, and after a marriage goes horribly wrong! This newest addition to the Tyler Perry catalog stars Taraji P. Henson (Empire) as Malinda, a dedicated, young wife desperately trying to keep her marriage together despite the best efforts of her friends, her family, and her HUSBAND!

Melinda's husband Robert, played by Lyric Bent is an aspiring inventor trying to win back the trust of his young wife after cheating on her. Against the VERY vocal advice of her inner circle, Melinda stays with Robert, puts him through college, and even helps fund some of his early prototypes for his repeatedly rejected invention. To the point where they are over 1.2 MILLION dollars in debt and have to mortgage and eventually lose the house that Melinda's mother left her.

The strain eventually becomes to much for Melinda to bear and she divorces Roberts and he's forced to live in a shelter while working as a dishwasher. That's where he runs back into the girl, now woman, that he cheated on Melinda with, who now works for the company he been trying to get to buy his invention.

After convincing the CEO to buy his invention, Robert uses his newfound wealth to pay Melinda back, WITH INTEREST, and buy her mother's house back. At first Melinda tells Robert that it was too late for them to get back together, but after some time passes, Melinda has a change of heart when she hears that Robert bought the condo they had always dreamed of having.

Taking this as a sign that Robert still wants her, she shows up at his door in the hopes of rebuilding their marriage. Much to her dismay, Robert has moved on and is now sharing  THEIR dream with the woman he once cheated on her with! AND THAT WHEN ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE! Her character "Cookie" from EMPIRE would be scared to DEATH of Melinda at this point!

Taraji P. Henson does an outstanding job portraying a woman who feels betrayed and takes things waaaaaay to far! Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY is great movie and definitely proves that HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED!

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