Nicki Minaj stars in the upcoming Cameron Diaz chick flick 'The Other Woman,' and while she cycles through a pair of Minajian wig changes in the two-minute trailer, you don't feel like you are watching the rap vixen having a cameo in a movie.

For her two brief scenes, save for the hair and accent, she comes across as a believable actress.

Diaz plays the mistress of Leslie Mann's husband, who is cheating on them both with Kate Upton, and someone else!

The three betrayed women become friends. Collectively, lawyer, the wife and the boobs come together to take the cheater down. Hell hath no fury...

The bearded and hunky Taylor Kinney, who is Lady Gaga's real life BF, also appears in the trailer, as a possible love interest for Diaz. We shall see!

The film lands in multiplexes on April 25.

Big ups to her MInajesty for holding her own in a trailer packed with larger-than-life females and a hot dude. Bravo!

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