A few weeks ago Nicki Minaj showcased her unmatched versatility by linking with DNCE for "Kissing Strangers." Now, she's also popped up in the video for the song, and as you should've predicted, she once again manages to be the main attraction.

The video for "Kissing Strangers" is fairly straightforward, but its energy and feel-good vibe make it a pretty damn entertaining one. In the visual, we see DNCE's Joe Jonas swaggering into a tavern as the song begins playing. We also see intermittent shots of people beginning to hook-up, thus matching the theme of the song.

After about two minutes, Nicki pulls up, rocking a revealing outfit as she makes her way into the room and eventually onto the stage with DNCE. Of course, she also turns in a standout verse.

“I got a boy that I kinda like/This is a kiss-kiss, tongue him down kind of night/He got that uhm-uhm, heard he got that China white/He got that bomb, I think I’mma call him dynamite/I gotta lotta sons, I can show you all the sonograms/Me? I’m Jem, and these bitches is the holograms/Me? I win and these bitches just lose/They ships sink, but my ship is just cruise,” Nicki spits on the song, stealing the show as always.

Peep the new visual for Nicki and DNCE's "Kissing Strangers" below.

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