There once was a time when the only place you could find a daytime or nighttime talk show was on network TV. With the rise of cable and satellite television over the years, and the seemingly endless number of networks they offer, the number of shows (and hosts) also dramatically increased as each network looked for programming to fill the 24-hour day. But which host takes the top spot in the heart of each state, specifically those of us who call Indiana home? A new study has the answer.

The website, recently partnered with and analyzed Google search data to determine the answers. After all the calculations were done, it seems that we here in the Hoosier state prefer the no-nonsense, southern charm of the one and only Dr. Phil over everyone else.

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Dr. Phil isn't my cup of tea personally. I feel like most of the advice he doles out to guests and viewers is basic common sense (plus, I'm at work when his show airs locally at 4:00 p.m. on CBS 44). With that said, I'm not terribly surprised by this result. His show is like a car wreck. By that I mean, no matter how badly we want to look away, our internal blood-lust kicks in and we can't help but look to see how bad the accident is.

In my totally uneducated opinion, we watch Dr. Phil because his coo-coo guests and their myriad of issues make us feel better about how our lives are going. Sure, your boss is constantly making your life hell, and your kid got in trouble at school, but at least your mom isn't competing with your boyfriend for your affection.

Down south, our neighbors in Kentucky not only love a good car wreck, they pull up a lawn chair and crack open a beer to see how long the fire will burn, hoping the gas tank explodes (after everyone is safely out of the way, of course) as Jerry Springer ranks as their favorite.

In Illinois, even though she no longer has a daily show, Oprah is still the queen. It likely helps that her show originated in Chicago, not only the state's most populated city, but the third most populated in the country.

Personally, my work hours don't allow me the time to watch much, if any, daytime talk shows, but I have always been more partial to Ellen. She's funny, and gears her show more toward entertainment than trying to shine a spotlight on individuals with crazy issues.

In the battle for my attention after the sun goes down, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon wins out most of the time, although his over-the-top cheeriness, and love for apparently everything everyone has ever done wears on me a bit. But, according to the study, I'm not the only one tuning into The Tonight Show, as Fallon was the top search in all but three states over his competition, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Honestly, the late night host I've really started to gravitate to is Seth Meyers. While he was a little rough when he took over Late Night, he's really found his groove over the past year or so filling the satirical political void left behind when Jon Stewart stepped away from The Daily Show. 

What do you think? Are the results of this study accurate? Is there one host you prefer over the others? Could I ask more questions? Let me know in the comments below.


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