The town of Newburgh has several great parks available for the public to enjoy, but like with anything, there's always room for improvement, and what better way to improve than by asking those who use the parks what they'd like to see?

As a relatively new resident of Newburgh (my family and I bought a house there in June), I haven't had much of an opportunity to explore the parks my new town has to offer outside of the new Friedman Park which is a great place to ride bikes, walk the dogs, or just relax and read a book on a beautiful day.

While Friedman is the new kid in town, so to speak, Newburgh also offers the Indian Hill Overlook, Community Park and Pool, New Locks and Dam, Old Locks and Dam, Rivertown Trail, and Veterans Monument, all of which have been fixtures in town for years.

Maybe you think all those parks are fine the way they are, or perhaps you've stopped by and thought, "You know what this park needs..." Whichever the case, Newburgh Parks officials want to hear from you.

The department has created a short, 14 question survey, giving you the opportunity to  share those thoughts. While the survey is anonymous, there are a few background info-style questions including the ages of the people in your household, and if anyone within the household has a disability. The majority of questions concern how well you think the town maintains its existing parks and new options or parks you'd like to see offered.

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