The Newburgh Civitan Club is more than just a really fun Zombie Farm every Halloween!  If you didn't know, they also raise funds for many charitable organizations throughout the Tri-State, including Easter Seals, Special Olympics, and other groups that give back to our community!  They have come up with a great way to turn some of that junk you've got lying around your house into a great way to help raise funds for the Club!


On Saturday June 2nd, 2018, the Newburgh Civitan Club is hosting a rummage sale!  The event will be held at the Zombie Farm, 5466 Vann Rd. in Newburgh.  It is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM and they are looking for donations for things to sell.  They are looking for items like CDs, DVDs, books, movies, video games, clothing, tools, and kitchenware.  They are NOT looking for any appliances or large pieces of furniture.




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