My family and friends love to rent a pontoon boat and just relax, cruise, drink and swim all day. It’s THE best time. We usually go to Patoka Lake, near French Lick, IN. I think in the near future we will let somebody else cruise us around in downtown Nashville on the BYOB Pontoon Saloon.

The Pontoon Saloon is a fifty-foot boat that can hold up to around 40 people and takes  cruises up and down the Cumberland River and it's all BYOB.  Once the boat leaves the dock, it’s party time! Tickets are $35 per person and rides last around two hours. It’s been around for a couple of years and it is the place to be in downtown Nashville.

The Pontoon Saloon in Nashville, TN


A Nashville honky tonk bar on the water? Sign me up.

According to their website,

Due to COVID-19 Pontoon Saloon is currently only operating private cruises in June, as we monitor and follow the instructions of the local government. Please call us for reservation information for June Bookings. We have our full schedule for public and private cruises open for July – October. Check out our new shop and website! We’ve updated our site to get you the latest gear for back home. We also now have the option to purchase gift cards for both private and public cruises! Check out our shop and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on items you would like to see branded with Pontoon Saloon.

Starting in July, the Pontoon Saloon will open to the public with fun cruises scheduled.

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