Next time you head to Indianapolis for a Colts games (hopefully the team is better than they have been when that happens), keep your ears open for the song, "Indiana Pride," and know what you're hearing is homegrown hip-hop from Vincennes, Indiana-born hip-hop artist, Paleface Picasso.

Like many artists in the hip-hop game, Paleface Picasso went through his fair share of trials and tribulations, including nearly dying after being shot five times in October 2004, before realizing the path he was on could easily end his time on Earth far sooner than it should.

Today he uses his music as an outlet for sharing his troubled past, and his continuing path toward redemption, with the hope his story, "can help others avoid some of the mistakes that I've made in my own life."

"Indiana Pride" kicks in with a dirty guitar riff before dropping some heavy beats under Paleface's gruff vocals with lyrics that will make any Hoosier proud to call the state home, and let's everyone else know we're up for any challenge. It's a great game day anthem, regardless of sport.

Take a listen below, and check more from Paleface Picasso on his official website.

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