Mother's Day is tomorrow and if you haven't gotten a gift for the mother in your life, you may find yourself in a bit of a scramble trying to find something at the last minute! If you DO find yourself in that situation, avoid coming home with a Mother's Day DON'T!

Mother's Day Don't are the products that you should DEFINITELY stay way from when considering a gift for your mother. Here are just a few you should avoid so you won't end up insulting your mother or the mother of your children!

  1. Weight Loss Product - Never buy a woman a gift that make her think you think she's FAT!
  2. Misplaced Pictures - If you're that egotistical to put your picture on a gift to someone to constantly remind them and EVERYONE else who gave it to them, be careful of the picture you choose, and WHERE you place it! LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!
  3. Intimate ADULT gifts - The LAST thing a mother want to receive from her child is an Adult toy or accessory! What Mom does in her bedroom is NONE of your business!
  4. Homemade arts and crafts - Unless you're an 8 year old, or making her a meal, you should stay away from homemade gifts. You may be a master craftsman but DIY gifts just makes you look cheap!
  5. Tattoos - Putting a tattoo on your OWN body for mother's day seems a little odd in itself, but if you do decide to take that route, make sure you get your tattoo SPELL CHECKED! Fixing a tattoo hurts WORSE that getting one!

Mothers Day Donts

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