It's no secret that I love animals... all animals, but I have to admit that I love kitties best! They can do anything!

I appreciate the aloofness of a cat. I like that aside from food, water, and a clean box, cats are fairly self-sufficient. Even though they may pretend to be disinterested in us lowly humans, they are really very grateful of the love and affection that they receive from the humans that they own.

Much like a dog, cats can be trained. Often times it is more impressive when a cat learns to sit or stay, or shake, lay down, and roll over. Why? Because most people assume that cats are lazy and uncooperative, there by making them impossible to train.

Take a look at this guy & how well his cat, Bob, is trained. I may have to start working with Sophe & Boo. I think they could do all of this! Anything Bob can do, I bet we can do too!

Don't forget, June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. This is the time of year that all of the unspayed momma cats start having their babies, and the shelters start to overflow! It's a great time to add a furry member to your family!

Remember: Don't Shop - Adopt! And don't forget to spay or neuter your pets!!

A few local places to look for your next adoption:

The Humane Society of Henderson County

Vanderburgh Humane Society

PAAWS No-Kill Animal Rescue

Warrick Humane Society

Bullie Nation Rescue

Another Chance For Animals

Gibson County Animal Services

It Takes A Village Canine Rescue

All of these locations have adoptable dogs and cats. Some even have small animals for adoption as well.

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