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How to Dress Up Your Hamster
Stop wasting all your time making hand-sewn costumes for your hamster. Do this instead. You'll save time, and it appears that there's a chance a hamster will even enjoy this, unlike that tiny train conductor uniform you spend 46 hours on.
The Force is Strong with Kitty
We suspect this video is supposed to be cute. It is not cute. It is terrifying. Cats are not to be trusted. Sometimes you can pet them. Sometimes they try to rip your flesh off with their angry, sharp claws. Why would you want to imagine a world in which they can control things with their minds…
Super Cute Baby Sloths Getting A Bath [VIDEO]
I love animals! There is no big secret in that statement. Cat's. Dogs. Bunnies. Chinchillas. Even little mice are adorable! Baby animals are of course just the cutest! Well, except for baby animals getting baths! These little sloths are just adorable...

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