Recently, a British woman took to Youtube to express her frustration about the lack of support of breastfeeding infants in public. Artist, Hollie McNish, released "Embarrassed," the three-and-a-half minute poem that slams everyone from the advertising business to her grandmother. Ms. McNish cites that she must go to a public bathroom when she wants to feed her child and some have commented that she should, "just stay home."

With the recent campaigns that breastfeeding is better for babies and one journalist urging Duchess Kate and other celebrities to set an example by publicly breastfeeding, this age-old practice has become a hot button topic of discussion.

As a new mom, I can't say I disagree with Ms. McNish's plea but I invested in an "udder-cover" so I could feed my daughter wherever I chose and didn't get the scrutiny she voices in her poem.

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