Get ready for all the high-flyin', elbow-droppin' off-the-top-rope action of MICRO WRESTLING, returning to the Victory Theater in Evansville on November 2nd, 2019!

The Micro Wrestling Federation is a full scale wrestling event sporting an entire cast under five feet tall.


The Micro Wrestling Federation is a full scale, WWE type event sporting an entire cast under five feet tall. Founded in 2000, the MWF is the longest running organization within the Little Person wrestling industry; no other company has performed in more events over the last eighteen years. Four incredible matches take place during the 2-hour event which will provide great fun for the entire family.

Two Single Micro Matches: Who are the toughest Micro wrestlers? Come find out!

Micro Brawl: Body slams, suplexes, and punches to the face can take place anywhere in the venue! Get ready for up-close and personal Micro action!

Micro Rumble: Six Micro superstars enter the squared circle and stand tiny toe-to-tiny toe against one another in the main event! The belt is on the line and only one Micro wrestler will leave as champion.

They are called dwarfs; they are called Little People; they are also called the most incredible minute athletes performing throughout the world! The Micro superstars have proven time and time again that even born with a disadvantage in height, dreams can still come true with perseverance and hard work. Growing up, the Micro wrestlers have suffered through adversity. Each had been told that opportunities in the professional world would be limited, that locating full-time employment may be difficult. Apparently, that was not an option for the Micro superstars because they are living their dreams as professional wrestlers.

There is no denying that the Micro Wrestling Federation is the number one Little Person wrestling organization on the planet – high-flying, body slamming, and off the top rope! Don’t miss Micro Wrestling at Victory Theatre!

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