On August 3rd, 2019 Mesker Park Zoo is hosting their Animal Enrichment & Family Fun Day!  The event is jam-packed with fun activities and learning opportunities...  Plus a chance to meet your Evansville Otters AND score some free tickets to one of their games!


The Evansville Otters will have players on hand from 11:00AM until noon to meet fans as well as provide free tickets to one of their games to the first 100 people!  There's also a full line-up of activities throughout the day that are included below!  All of the activities are free with your regular zoo admission and for Zoo Members!

Face Painting - 9:30a - 1:30p (Front Entry)
Slip 'n' Slide - 9a -2p (Event Tent)
Paint like an Animal - 9a - 2p (Lower Kley Building)
Play the Animal Way - 9a - 2p (Kiwanis Shelter)
Make a Hand-imal - 9a - 2p (Event Tent)

Animal Enrichment Schedule:
9:15a - Capybara & Tapir (Amazonia)
9:30a - Giraffe (Africa), Otter (Children's Enchanted Forest)
10:15a - Tiger (Asia/Australia)
10:20a - Malayan Sunbear (Asia/Australia)
10:30a - Hornbill (Panorama)
11:00a - Sichuan Takin (Asia/Australia)
11:30a - Fish Tank Feeding (Amazonia)
11:45a - Rhino (Kley Building), Otter (Children's Enchanted Forest)
1:00p - Komodo Dragon (Kley Building)
1:30p - Francois' Langur (Discovery Center), De Brazza's Monkey (Children's Enchanted Forest)
2:30p - Howler Monkey (Amazonia)
2:45 - Otter (Children's Enchanted Forest)


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