Thanks to increased population and everyone wanting a smartphone, The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) projects the state will run out of available 812 phone numbers by March 2015. What's that mean for those of us who have been representin' the 8-1-2 since birth? That question, among others, will be answered during the public hearing on Tuesday, March 19th.

The IURC will host the hearing scheduled for 6pm at Washington Middle School in Evansville. On the agenda will be two options they are currently weighing in regards to solving the problem.

  1. A geographic split resulting in the existing area being divided into two or more area codes.
  2. An overlay option allowing for a new area code to be assigned to new users within to the same geographic area.
The area code we all know here in the Evansville area serves 38 Indiana counties in the central and southern portions of the state, and includes the cities of Terre Haute, Bloomington, Vincennes, and New Albany among others.


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