Everyone is on fire and up in arms over the Facebook messenger over the privacy terms and conditions.  Recently a glitch with the Facebook app has been found and there is a way to get around downloading that annoying messenger app! Details here! Personally I'm not sure how much of the privacy hype is real but all of that aside, it really annoys me that to use one feature of Facebook, Facebook is going to force me to download a completely separate app and take up more space on my phone, that to me is more annoying than anything else.  Luckily the people at DailyDot have found a way to go around this!

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to the messages section of your Facebook app and where it prompts you to "install" the messenger app click "install"
  2. When it switches from the app to the app store or google play store click and cancel the download
  3. When you go back to the facebook app you should be able to view your messages.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and for me I couldn't get it to work, but I have friends that said they were able to get it to work.  one had an iPhone and the other an android.  All that aside another easy way is to just simply go to your web browser on your phone, go to facebook.com and it'll allow you to see your messages as well.


Happy messaging! :)

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