Robin Williams' 1998 Oscar win for his role as Good Will Hunting's Sean Maguire may have left the actor incredulous, but Matt Damon, who co-starred and wrote the movie's screenplay, says he knew it was a sure thing.

In an interview with, Damon remembered filming the film's famous Boston Commons park bench scene, which also featured his character, Will Hunting. Damon said as cameras went up for the first take, he knew the late Williams had generated something magical.

The moment captures Maguire, a therapist, giving the intellectually superior but emotionally stunted Hunting a cold dose of reality.

"I had one or two lines in that whole scene," Damon said. "It was Robin's scene, and when he was just crushing it, you know, on the first take, I just went 'This is gonna be really good,' you know? 'This is gonna be really good.'"

Damon said he recently revisited the site of the scene, and was flooded with pleasant memories.

"I was back there recently and I went back to that's right there in the Boston Commons, and I walked over there with my family and we sat on the bench," he said. "And the kids didn't know. They've never seen the movie. They're too young. But it was nice to go back and think about him there."

Williams committed suicide in August 2014 amid struggles with serious depression. His daughter, Zelda, shared an Instagram post in July on what would've been the actor's 65th birthday and said she'll continue contributing to charity in his name.

Watch the famous Good Will Hunting scene above.

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