The annual event challenges students from across the country to create concept cars capable of getting ridiculously high ratios of miles per gallon.

Students from Evansville Mater Dei brought home top honors in two separate categories, Urban Concept, and Battery-Electric Prototype, while also taking third place in the Petrol Prototype division. This is the third straight year the team has walked away (or is it, driven away?) with some sort of award.

Just how ridiculous is the gas mileage of these concept cars? Mater Dei's Urban Concept vehicle generated 901 miles per gallon. 901! To give it some perspective, that means you could almost make it to Austin, Texas from Evansville — on one GALLON of gas!

(Google Maps)

Unfortunately, the concept cars need to be small and aerodynamic in order to help attain this insane MPG, so you'll have to pack everything you need in a backpack, a small backpack.

Their other first place trophy came in the Battery-Electric Prototype where they were able to obtain "an efficiency rating of 537 miles per kilowatt hour" according to Shell's website, meaning you could make it from Evansville to Pittsburgh on one charge and still have a little energy to spare.

As a proud Mater Dei grad myself, it's great to see the students who have followed me and my friends representing the Wildcats in such a positive way not only here in the Tri-State, but nationwide.