There are a lot of traditions that go along with Mardi Gras. One of them is the serving of the King Cake, but why? I'll tell you a little about their history, and there's a video so you can make your own!

This time of year, the King Cake is, well... king! The cakes are traditionally round or oval to mimic the shape of a crown, and include a trinket baked into the cake. In the early days of the King Cake, that trinket was a bean, but now the more traditional trinket is a small plastic baby. It's believed whoever receives the piece of cake with the trinket will have good luck. If attending a party, they are crowned the king (or queen) of the party! King Cake "season" began weeks ago, on January 6th, or Kings Day and will end on Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday. Read more about King Cakes here.

There are many places that you can get your King Cake, including ordering online, but there are several local bakeries in Evansville that feature King Cakes this time of year. If buying a cake doesn't sound appealing, you can always make your own! Here's how:


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