A man was roasted on Reddit after revealing he texted his wife's boss behind her back because he was tired of seeing her stressed out at home. Now, his wife is furious with him, and the internet thinks he's a misogynist.

"My wife has been putting in 10-14 hour days chained to her computer for the past 2-3 weeks through weekends as well. Wasn’t able to take any days off for the holidays either. She’s been screaming obscenities about her job, how she wants to quit, how it’s ridiculous [that] she’s working so hard without any break," the man wrote via Reddit, explaining there "have been multiple tear-filled days."

He also noted he has been "walking on eggshells" and is constantly "on edge" around her as he waits for an "explosion."

Reaching his breaking point with watching his wife stress out, the man secretly messaged her boss, with whom he is "semi-friendly" as they work at the same company.

"I texted her boss and said 1.) there are limits for human beings, 2.) this kind of thing can’t happen again next year. He agreed and said he’d try to help," he wrote.

However, the boss allegedly "did a crap job of keeping" their conversation private, resulting in the woman finding out her husband had "contacted her boss."

"Now she’s telling me it was extremely misogynistic to message her boss to say she can't handle her job (which I didn’t say) and it's going to set her career back years. Says she can’t ever trust me anymore to talk about work or how she’s feeling," he explained.

The man concluded by sharing he is now in the "doghouse."

In the comments section, Reddit users blasted the man for going behind his wife's back, suggesting he may even have sabotaged her career.

"So many layers to his misogyny, the Man has to fix the problem and also going to another Man to talk about it instead of talking with his wife. She has a lot of issues with anger and her job ... and he did nothing to make it better," one person wrote.

"The 1950's called and they need you back. How could you possibly think this is okay? Not only are you an AH, you violated your wife's trust and a sacred confidence. Things aren't looking good for you here. You could cost her her job at the worst and any future promotions or raises for the future. Wow," someone else chimed in.

"Getting in touch with her boss like that sends so many implicit messages that your wife is unable to express or stand up for herself that it is likely to be extremely embarrassing at the very least and career damaging at the worst," another weighed in.

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