In another episode of "Kat In Real Life," Kat & her her fiance, Shawn, head over to Sixth Street Soapery to learn how to make cold processed lye soap.


Shawn and I recently attended a soap making class with Mary Allen, proprietor of Sixth Street Soapery. Not only did we get to mix up a batch of custom made, natural soap, but Mary also taught us all about reading soap making recipes, saponification values, oils, and how to safely work with lye, which is caustic. Mary walked us through the science behind it all and gave us our safety lesson before we jumped right into making the soap. This was a great learning experience for us and a great opportunity to do something fun and new together! Mary offers her soap making classes about once a month, with the next one coming up April 6th. You can get more details about the classes and the products offered at Sixth Street Soapery by visiting their website.

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