This is the best thing you'll hear all day, I promise. 

Momma Maddie here. I recently took a week-long "staycation", which is just a fancy word for not being able to afford a trip to the beach. On my lovely staycation, I planned on doing a slew of things: ripping up the carpet, knocking down the rest of the drywall in the basement, picking up the yard a bit, and celebrating my son's first birthday.

Literally none of that got done, besides the birthday part.

Because, in true Mom fashion, my son ended up sick during my vacation. I'm talking sinus infection AND an ear infection. So, I spent my days sucking snot out of my kids nose and spent my nights listening to him cough relentlessly. Poor kid.

Luckily though, we were able to get out of the house for a bit on Tuesday. We just so happened to be in Newburgh, where Rob and Kendra were broadcasting for the last Kiss the Tri-State Goodbye giveaway to Panama City Beach. Of course, being Rob's original first-chair, I had to hop on for a quick break to say hello to all the listeners. Side note: thanks, Kendra, for filling in for me! You did great.

Turns out, my son wanted to (finally) make his radio debut. He's a natural, just like his Momma!

Before listening to the clip, I think you deserve a bit of back story. My background on my phone is a picture of my son and my fiance. My kid is obsessed with his Daddy, and he's equally obsessed with the picture. EVERY SINGLE TIME he looks at my phone, he gets the cutest grin on his face. He tries so hard to say "Dada", but it usually comes out something like "Gah-da" or "Gaga". Until now...


Plain as day, too. It was the very first time he genuinely, unmistakenly said "Dada". And, because we're in the day and age of advanced technology, I'll have that memory and audio forever.

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