For those of you who have known me longer than my time on-air, you might remember my dark hair. I rocked chocolate locks all throughout high school, partially because it's a lot closer to my natural color than blonde, but also because I like darker hair on me. 

Well, yesterday I decided to throw it back to high school and get back to my signature brown look. BEST. DECISION. EVER. My best friend/personal stylist Logan works at the AMAZING Fusion Spa and Boutique and always does an outstanding job on my hair, but he really outdid himself this time.

We went with a Level 4 golden brown and left my already lighter ends out. This resulted in the perfect melted ombre look. I'm officially ready for fall! Here's another look. Please disregard the fierce new hair had me feelin' confident.


New hair, who dis?

Anyways, if you guys are wanting to take a risk and try a new look for fall, DO IT! My hair is super, duper soft, too. I also want to share some of my hair care tips with you guys!

- Always, ALWAYS, use product! I currently use Moroccan Oil right after shampooing to lock in moisture and leave it shiny.
- Leave-in conditioner is your friend! I use it a few times a week after shampooing. I'm currently testing out "It's a 10" Miracle 10 leave-in conditioner. It's amazing. If you're like me and you have super fine hair, you need to protect it. So it's always a good idea to use products that help prevent damage - especially if you're putting heat on your hair.
- Lastly, take your vitamins! I've been taking Biotin for about a year now and I can't recommend it enough. I have the hardest time getting my hair to grow, but Biotin has helped soooo much. Not only does it help it grow, it also makes it silky, smooth and shiny.

Feel free to share your hair care tips with me!

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