Louis Tomlinson's family has spoken out following Félicité's death.

The 18-year-old died on Wednesday (Mar. 13) after a suspected heart attack at her London apartment. Though the former One Direction star has yet to speak out about Félicité's passing, his 14-year-old twin sisters, Daisy and Phoebe, have both broken their silence. The two shared moving tributes on Instagram over the weekend, revealing how "shocked and broken-hearted" they all are over their sister's sudden and very tragic death.

"This is the fourth time I’ve tried to write this. No words will come close to explaining how broken I am, once again. My precious sister. My heart is bleeding. I keep imagining and praying they have the wrong person. Not my sister, my best friend," Daisy wrote alongside a black and white family photo.

She also mentioned their late mother, Johannah Deakin, who died from Leukemia in 2016, writing, "Mama needed you. I hope you are happier up there with her. make sure you don’t forget about us. keep us in your conversations. I have two angels now, watching over me. I can’t wait to make you both so proud of me."

Phoebe also shared a heartbreaking tribute hours after Daisy, detailing how "lost" she is without Félicité. "You were my best friend, sister, motivator and person that could make me laugh until I cried," she wrote. "I’m lost without you and the thought of never seeing you again scares me like you wouldn’t believe. I will love you forever and ever and you and mama will have a place in my heart until the day I die."

"Mummy needed you and you desperately needed her. I’m so glad you're together now" she added.

The twins' messages come after Félicité's boyfriend Luke Storey shared his own heartfelt tribute on Friday (Mar. 15), writing, "it should have been me" who died and not her.

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