There's a double-standard when comes to the use of curse words. When I do it, I'm labeled vulgar or low-brow, but when a child does it because they're either too young to know better, or they're having difficulty pronouncing a completely different word, it's adorable and laugh out loud funny.

It reminds me of a time at my mom's house a few years ago. Mom was cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards and dropped something on the floor that made a mess. Without even thinking, she let out an "Oh...son of b***h!" which my son, who was 3 or 4 at the time, was quick to pick up on. He marched around the house for about a minute just repeating, "son of a b***h, son of a b***h, son of a b***h". Of course we're all cracking up laughing which in his mind meant, "keep going". I turned to mom and told her since she started it, she had to end it. To his credit, after grandma quickly explained that wasn't a word we should say, he never said it again, but at the time it was hilarious. I wish he still listened that well now.

The video below doesn't involve a parental slip-up. It's two parents talking to their young daughter about a "fire pit". Two simple words that her little tongue just can't piece together without coming off sounding like drunk sailor on shore leave.