Each year, a Kentucky native makes it her mission to spread Christmas cheer by dressing up as Little Debbie and dancing in public with her trusty sidekick, Christmas Tree Cake.

Back in 2019, a video went viral on Facebook of a woman dressed as Little Debbie and a guy dressed as a Christmas Tree Cake busting a move at an Alabama Walmart on Thanksgiving. While everyone is waiting in a crowded line to check out, these two provided the most epic entertainment. Check it out:

The video has been seen almost two million times. It's too good not to watch, honestly. If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes. So naturally, I loved what these two did. As it turns out, Little Debbie, AKA Marie Dueitt Katz is a Kentucky native, which made this video even more appealing.

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Now, we all know how crazy 2020 was. A lot of places were closed for the majority of the year. Either that, or it was nearly impossible to pull something like this off in 2020. So, the duo took a little hiatus. However, after seeing someone share the video from 2019 again on Facebook this week, I discovered that Little Debbie and the Christmas Tree Cake made a comeback in 2021. This time, they did the "Electric Slide" inside of a Waffle House:

Kudos to these two for, first off, being brave enough to do this in front of complete strangers, and two, for providing us with annual entertainment. If you ever make your way to Indiana or Kentucky, Little Debbie, I would be more than happy to be your Christmas Tree Cake! Just say when!

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