In my opinion, drowning would be one of the worst ways to die. The idea of being trapped underwater, unable to breathe as you feel your life slip away absolutely terrifies me. With that being said, I would be willing to make an exception if the liquid I was drowning in contained alcohol like in the case of a Wisconsin liquor store.

OK, so it wasn't necessarily a flood of liquor that fills the room, but the employees at Superior Discount Liquor in Sheboygan, WI did have a considerable mess on their hands when an entire shelf of full of wine bottles came crashing down back in July. The video only was only released recently due to insurance reasons.

ABC News reports that 6,810 bottles of various wines came crashing down some of which sold for $149.00. The store is not releasing the final monetary value of the damage, but some reports suggest it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars.

Somewhere out there, a representative of the boxed wine industry is having a good laugh.

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