Tri-State Food Bank

I was heartbroken one night when I watched the national news and saw video of people who were waiting in their car for hours to pick up a box of food from a food pantry. Many of the directors who were interviewed began crying because of their exhaustion and their fear that the food and the funding would run out. Locally we are not only blessed that we have an amazing facility in the Tri-State Food Bank that provides so many with essential food and items but that we also have such a generous community that funds the operation.

Glenn Roberts, the Tri-State Food Bank director said on the Tri-State Food Bank website, "Across the food bank network the demands for food relief are increasing. Closed businesses result in employees being put on unpaid leave causing additional hardship for food insecure families. Measures intending to reduce transmission such as quarantines and asking vulnerable populations to stay home are forcing seniors and immunocompromised people to rely on expensive and limited grocery delivery services. Children whose schools have closed do not have access to school meals. In the midst of this crisis, food banks across the country are providing vital relief. Tri-State Food Bank is committed to serving the ill and the needy, and we will remain open and continue to supply food where it’s needed most and help those in crisis."

We know the need and we wanted to help. So, we teamed up with JE Shekell and challenging locals to #FILLTHEPLATE! It's easy - text PLATE to 71777. And now introducing the Limited Edition #FillThePlate t-shirt! Proceeds from this shirt will also benefit the Tri-State Food Bank! The shirt is $20 and ONLY available until May 20th! To order, visit our online store. 

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