Rap mogul taking heat for his latest signing.


Limp Bizkit has always had a unique sound.  Often times described as a rock/rap fusion, their popularity and success around the turn of the millennium with hits like "Nookie," "Break Stuff," "Re-Arranged," "My Way," "My Generation," and many more attracted a lot of the positive and negative attention to the band.


Lead singer Fred Durst has also been a lightning rod of controversy since the band's inception.  But now both the band and Cash Money Records C.E.O. Lil Wayne have confirmed that Limp Bizkit (which has been mostly dormant over the past 8 years) has signed with the record label.


While the union of the two may seem strange, both parties have confirmed that Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne will be collaborating on a track called "Ready to Go" which will be appearing on Limp Bizkit's next album, their first as members of Cash Money.


While no release date for the album has been announced, expect "Ready to Go" to hit the internet next week.