Admittedly, we here at The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West aren't big fans of insects.  I'm not sure why each state needs to have their own "state insect," but apparently many states do...  And now, so does Indiana!

I feel comfortable saying that of EVERY insect, by far the coolest has to be the lightning bug.  They fly around, they're gorgeous, they light up the night sky, they're synonymous with summer, and best of all, the don't bite or sting!


According to NBC affiliate WTHR in Indianapolis, yesterday Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced that Indiana now has an official state insect, and it is the LIGHTNING BUG!  But check this out, because the reason WHY the lightning bug was selected is also very cool.


Apparently, the lightning bug was named here in the Tri-State in 1826!  An entomologist (aka a bug guy) named Thomas Say living in New Harmony, IN was studying the seemingly magical insect.  He named it, of all things, the Say's Firefly nearly two hundred years ago!

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