Yes, this is another parody of 'Let It Go' from Disney's 'Frozen.' But this time, it's told from a mom's perspective.

According to 961JoyFM, one woman from the Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana decided to give Queen Elsa the voice of a mother -- one who is at the end of her rope with her young children. Dressed in pajama pants and a bathrobe as she performs on a stage with props like a couch, toys, and a laundry basket, she hilariously laments the difficulties -- but ultimately, the joys -- of being a mother.

"Socks off white laundry mountain tonight, not a clean pair to be seen," she begins, ultimately leading to the chorus, which is a familiar refrain both parents and kids alike can relate to.

"I said no, I said no / Don't turn away and slam that door," she sings boldly.

And the lyrics only get better from there. As the bridge builds, she belts out, "Why is his Batman underwear here on the ground? Why can't you put it in the laundry baskets all around?"

But, like any mom, her love for her children outweighs all of those little annoyances.

"Let it go, let it go, 'cause I'm their only mom," she belts out one last time. "And here I am, and here I'll stay, 'cause I'm their mom / That stuff never bothered me anyway."

Watch the video above!

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