We experienced our first little girls' sleepover Saturday night.  By the grace of God, a shot of ZZZquil before bed (for me), and some strong coffee Sunday morning we lived to tell about it.

Anyone that has ever said boys are messier than girls has never invited a gaggle of little fashionistas into their home.  It's basically like opening your front door and inviting a tornado and a hurricane to come on in and play.

They can destroy a room in point six seconds only to come back into where ever you are and ask what you're doing.  LOSING OUR MINDS is what we're doing!

And don't tell me boys eat you out of house and home.  Four little girls tore through our kitchen like the Tasmanian devil.  Who eats that much?!  A box of Fruit Roll-Ups, a box of Barbie Fruit Snacks, a box of Sour Patch Watermelons, a box of Slim Jims, dippin' dots personal bowls, granola bars, two whole pepperoni pizzas, juice pouches, mini cans of sprite, and lord knows what else.

Joe kept asking "where do they put all this food?"  At one point in the night as one of our sweet guests was shoving a whole Fruit Roll-up in her mouth while I painted her nails, she mumbles "what time is it" (at least I think that's what she said) I said, "8:30 why?" to which she responds "uh oh we aren't allowed to eat past dark."  All you 80's kids know exactly what went through my head "great now are you going to turn into a little monster that wreaks havoc and eats everything ...OH WAIT too late."  Actually, it's the perfect way to describe a little girl's sleepover.  It's like buying a bunch of little Mogwai pets (GREMLINS) and mistakenly thinking they're so cute and cuddly.  Do not feed the Mogwai!

When you hear "let's go ask your mom and dad" from another room RUN AND HIDE!  Little girls have the ambition and planning skills of David Tutera.  Unfortunately, they have the attention span of a hyperactive poodle.  We started and never finished 35 different activities from nail painting to dress-up and all the in-between.

Things I said or thought throughout the night and laughed about the next morning:

  • Don't through heels in the house
  • How many of those have you eaten?
  • Don't eat those off the floor
  • Lilly get your nose out of her butt
  • Don't dress the cat up
  • No, we cannot race up and down the stairs
  • Didn't we just clean that up?
  • Where do they get all this energy?
  • Can I legally give someone else's kid melatonin gummies? (J/K)
  • Where did all these toys come from?
  • Lilly put that piece of pizza down
  • Whose idea was this?
  • Lilly get the baby doll out of your mouth
  • No, robbers are not going to come in our front door tonight

All in all the night was a blast.  Watching the girls create memories they will keep for a lifetime was super fun.  Some of the best times of my life were made with all the girls I played soccer with in high school.  We may have been older but we still had sleepovers and they were so much fun.  I cherish those times more than anything.

Now that I think about it I should probably buy grocery gift cards for all my friend's parents where I stayed.  In full disclosure, I earned the nickname Tapeworm from the parents of my friend Sarah Bivins.  Her dad used to say I hope we have enough food Tapeworm is staying the night.  Still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Sleepovers are a rite of passage.  Every kid should get to experience them at least ten times and every parent only once HA.  Parents don't get vacation days but if I did this is where I would use a weeks' vacation.

Do you have any memories of sleepovers as a kid?  Share them with us on the WBKR Facebook Page!

The Aftermath From A 5-Year-Old Girls First Sleepover

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