Every time I see a dog hang their head out a car window I know they are living its best life at the moment, but is it legal?

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My dogs love hanging their heads out my car window, but we always make sure they are leased and my girls have a pretty good grip so that they don't fall or jump out. In Missouri, there is no particular law that says this is illegal. Florida is working on a ban to have this law put in place. It's a safety issue not only for the dogs but for the dog owner and drivers of other vehicles.

Do You Have To Buckle up your dog in your Car?

In digging deeper to see if there were any laws in Missouri that have to do with dog car safety, I found that there are only three states that have laws where you have to buckle up your dog. Those states are Rhode Island, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

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We will have to see if the proposed Florida bill passes and watch if other states follow to protect dogs from flying objects and jumping out of cars. I would say as long as you have a handle on a leash or harness where the dog can't jump out let a dog be a dog and have fun. I have seen dogs where half of their body is out of the car window and that's a bit scary, but if a dog is well trained and you feel comfortable letting them hang their head out the window I say go for it.

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