Crazy stressed? Try this quick and easy relaxation technique.

I have found myself stressed to the max today, and I was starting to lose focus. I needed a quick relaxation technique that I could do in the office without disrupting the work environment for everyone else, meaning I couldn't yell & I couldn't throw anything. You know the kind of day, where it seems like every time you walk around a corner either someone needs something right now or you realize you completely forgot to handle that thing you said you'd handle? Yeah... It's been one of those! We all have them, but what do we do about them?

I did a quick search online and came across this video. I thought it looked completely ridiculously silly, but I was desperate! It worked! Oh! My! Gosh! It worked! Give it a try next time you're about ready to go off the handle. Take a few moments, try this breathing technique & then move on with your day with a clearer head. I mean who couldn't use a clearer head?