Let me start off by saying I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but from what I've read today, Kristin Cavallari got the Chris Daughtry treatment on last night's results show.

What I mean by that was Kristin apparently was considered a front runner to win this season, but was shockingly let go too early much like Daughtry was during his run on American Idol.

Obviously, Daughtry's career turned out OK (too put it mildly) and you could make the argument that losing Idol may have been better off for him than actually winning the darn thing. But that's another topic for another time.

As is customary for anyone that gets the boot from one of these reality/talent competitions, they make appearances on the talk show circuit. Kristen and her partner Mark Ballas started their post-elimination tour this morning on ABC's Good Morning America.

When asked by GMA host, George Stephanopoulos what she thought led to her elimination, Kristen said she thought her "story" wasn't as good as some of the other cast members while Ballas made a slight accusation that the judges were "low-balling" the performances this. See what else they had to say in the interview below.

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