The Powerball jackpot is an estimated $700 million dollars. We bought one ticket and are giving 106 people the chance to split whatever winnings we get (if any). But first we had to pick our numbers, and we set up a larger-than-normal game of beer pong (without the beer) to do it.

Using the garage adjacent to our building in downtown Evansville, we set up 69 cups, numbered one through 69, filled each with a little water (for weight purposes only), and took turns bouncing ping pong balls toward the grid. Whatever cup a ball landed in became one of our numbers.

Be listening every hour throughout the day Friday (January 8th), beginning at 6am with The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals, for your chance to call in and become one of the 106 people we'll spit our winnings (again, if any) with after the numbers are drawn on Saturday night!

Save this number in your phone so you have it handy when we ask you to call in — 1-888-454-KISS (5477). Good luck!

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