You know warm weather is here when amusement parks open for the season!

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Kings Island

Kings Island is the largest amusement park in the Midwest.  It's located in Mason, Ohio which is just northwest of Cincinnati.  Kings Island is home to over 100 world-class rides, shows, and attractions.  Personally, I always enjoy visiting Kings Island, because it's just over a 3-hour drive from our area, and friends and I can make a visit to Kings Island a day trip, or make an entire weekend out of it.  Plus there's so much to see and do inside Kings Island.

A New Ale Celebrates Kings Island's 2023 Season

Sonder Brewing is a brewery located near Kings Island, and they teamed up with the amusement park to come open with a Kings Island-themed beer, the Strawberry Funnel Cake Ale (sign me up)!

Sonder Brewing/YouTube
Sonder Brewing/YouTube
We love collaborating with our neighbors at Kings Island!
This year we worked together to create an incredible dessert beer, Strawberry Funnel Cake Ale. The perfect summer treat, this beer is light bodied but loaded with flavors of strawberry and fresh dough. It takes you right back to those sunny days at the park treating yourself to a Strawberry Funnel Cake
Available at Kings Island starting this weekend, and hitting our taproom on Tuesday (4/18)
If you're planning on making a visit to Kings Island, you definitely will need to try this beer out! And if you make it there before, please report back and let me know if it's as delicious as it sounds. One thing I love almost as much as I love amusement parks is local breweries.  There's nothing quite like going to a city and trying out some craft brews that were brewed locally.

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