Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Usually, for me, those days mean that I look like one big walking fashion disaster. Today is one of those days!

Now, I don't make a habit of coming to work looking like a train wreck. I mean, working in radio, there is some leniency in what I am able to wear. I usually prefer to stick with jeans & t-shirt. It's comfortable. It's functional, and it meets the minimum required effort to come to work. Honestly, I get up early - I'm the first one in the house up & moving and I try to keep it that way. I also am not seen by most people when I'm here. That's the luxury of working in a small room full of computers and a microphone. Most days I don't even bother with make-up.

Today however, is another story. Today I would give my left leg to be in a pair of my blue jeans. Why am I not? Why am I big 'ol hot mess today? I did a load of laundry last night... a "super-sized" load of laundry, because let's face it, who has time to do laundry every day? So the clothes finish up in the washer, I move them to the dryer, start it, and walk away. Shortly before bed, I check on the clothes and find that they're still pretty damp. I restarted the dryer, set the timer back, and went to bed. This morning I wake up to find that all of that laundry is still wet! I'm not talking a little damp around the pockets. No! I'm talking straight out of the washing machine wet. While I'm in a panic of "OMG! What am I going to wear to work?" I check the dryer settings only to find that it had been switched to "air dry." No heat! Ugh! This is why my clothes are still wet, and why I am now scrambling through the house to find something... ANYTHING to wear! And this is what I was able to find...



See? Hot mess! I look like I'm headed to the gym or to go jogging! What is your biggest fashion nightmare? Leave a comment and let me know!!

♥ Kat