I said I wasn't going to watch the X Factor. I said that I didn't want to be committed to another night of television, and then I turned it on.

I watched about an hour of the X Factor last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. There were some really incredible performances. In fact, I found myself as drawn to the judges as I did to the contestants. I forgot how much I like Simon Cowell's snarky nature, and I actually enjoyed watching the ridiculous faces that Britney was making!

One of the performances that really drew me in was 13-year-old Diamond White. She seemed like every other 13-year-old girl that I've ever met, including my own daughter... giddy & easily excited. Even Simon seemed unimpressed, until she opened her mouth to sing! OMG! You have to hear this girl sing It's a Man's World!

Diamond White, 13. Auditions Austin TX ~ The X... by HumanSlinky

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